Zamel EXT10000228 DIN-rail dimmer Suitable for light bulbs: LED bulb, Fluorescent lamp, Halogen lamp, Light bulb



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Allows a continuous adjustment of the light intensity of different light sources such as incandescent and halogen bulbs 230 V/AC, halogen lamps with Toroidal Transformer, dimmable LEDs and fluorescent lamps. In contrast to other conventional dimmers, the dimmer DIM-30 has an automatic recognition of the load type, setting the minimum output voltage and dimming time. You can control via the mono stable, backlit buttons or a rotary potentiometer 1-10 V. The Dimmer DIM-30 has a zweimoduliges housing. The mounting is done on a top-hat rail (TH-35). The short circuit proof Dimmer output and the thermal protection ensure long-lasting and permanent operation.This text is machine translated.

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