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Vintage lighting is all about the bulb, and this cordless bulb by Suck UK allows you to enjoy all the charm of a classic Edison filament bulb, without the required light fitting. Rechargeable with up to four hours of light from a single charge, this LED bulb shines with a warm white glow, the spiral shaped filament inside bringing a classic vibe to your space. Use as a table lamp, a bedside light, a torch or even a table decoration; this retro bulb is as adaptable as your imagination, no fitting required! Over 100 tiny LEDs recreate the vintage look, and rechargeable, this cordless bulb can be charged using the micro USB included giving around four hours of light from a one and a half hour charge. This bulb has been designed for independent use, and cannot be screwed into a light fitting, the screw in is deliberately just a little too large to fit to avoid accidentally fitting into an existing lamp. Cordless light bulb by Suck UKVintage styled LED filament bulbRechargeable by USB (cable included)On/off switchPortable light; table top light; bedside night light100 LEDsSize: 65 x 120 x 65mm Weight: 99g4 hours life from 1.5 hour chargeNo heat, no electric shocks!

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