Smart Solar LED Edison Filament Effect EUREKA! Retro Light Bulbs (4 Pack) Warm White


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A pack of 4 Eureka! Retro Solar light bulbs from Smart Solar feature oversized clear light bulbs (17cm x 10cm) with warm white filament to create a stunning lighting effect. Their handy crocodile hanging clip means that you can hang them wherever you like, such as on trees and bushes or on fences (as long as they catch the sun!). A flat bottom means that they can alse be positioned on flat surfaces, such as a dining table, to create a stunning center pieces and displays.Solar light bulbs look stunning individually or grouped together as part of a larger display to create stunning lighting effects for your outdoor space.These outdoor solar garden lights are designed to last against the elements while bringing a designer look to your surroundings, thus making them ideal for use in any outdoor area where no power supply is available.Solar outdoor lights are designed to charge a rechargeable battery during the day via the solar panel and automatically light up at night using the stored solar energy, making them environmentally friendly.The duration of the light output is determined by the amount of exposure the solar panel receives during the day and how bright a day it has been. The typical duration of light output times is Spring 2-5 hours, Summer Up to 6 hours, Autumn 2-5 hours, and Winter 0-2 hours.These high-quality solar powered lights come with batteries pre-installed and are ready to be used straight from the box.Solar light bulbs are a cost-effective lighting solution but are also environmentally friendly, easy to install and require absolutely no wires or maintenance.To maintain the optimum performance we recommend regular cleaning of the solar panel on these LED garden lights.

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