Premium 5m Connectible Outdoor Festoon Light E27 with 10x LED Golfball Light Bulbs Cool White Clear


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These premium quality, connectible festoon string lights are fully weatherproof with an IP65 rating and constructed from heavy-duty rubber cabling and fittings for long lasting indoors and outdoor operation. The festoon is bundled with 10x LED cool white clear golfball light bulbs (SKU:6420).Measuring 5 metres in length, with an extra 1.5 metres for the plug-in power cable, these outdoor lights can be connected together to create lengths of 5 metres, 10 metres, 15 metres, etc; all the way up to 100 metres.Each 5 metre section features black cables and 10x Edison Screw bulb sockets spaced 50cm apart with a 15cm drop.Create your own fairy light display around your marquee or gazebo, design your own garden lighting, decking, walkways, patios or paths to add a little magic to your home-made bar or outdoor space. A must to create stylish lighting displays for party lighting, festivals and summer BBQ’s.Installation is easy: Each light bulb drop features a moulded extrusion point to allow you to fix your light in place with a hook, nail or cable tie. Then simply plug the festoon into a UK power socket with the attached 3-pin UK plug.Features waterproof connectors on both sides of the 5 metre festoon which enables the festoons to be connected together for extended runs allowing you to connect up to 20 festoons together or a maximum load of 500W of light bulbs – whichever is greater.Please note, though, that the power cable must be plugged in indoors or in a suitable weatherproof junction box, as the plug is not suitable for outdoor use.Size: Total Length: 6.5 metre – Plug to first light: 1.5 metre – Distance between lights: 0.5 metres.Kit comes complete with 1.5 mains cable and 3-pin UK plug, 5 metre festoon lights with 10x Edison Screw caps and mounting hooks, and 10x LED cool white clear golfball light bulbs.

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