HIVE Active Light Cool to Warm White Bulb – E27



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Top features:- Control your lights remotely from your phone or tablet – Create the perfect mood with tunable colour temperature- Easy to install and connect to the Hive Home Control your lights remotelyWith Hive’s Active Light, you can easily switch the light on or off as well as to a dimmer setting, from wherever you are. Perfect for helping you save energy, you can keep on top of your energy bills much easier than before by turning off lights remotely and setting schedules to prevent lights from being on all day.Providing a sense of security for your home, you can set the light to turn on and off while you’re away so that from the outside it will appear as if someone is still home. Create the perfect moodThe bulb offers tunable white colour temperature from a relaxing warm white 2700 K to daylight cool 6500 K to instantly change the feel of your environment and help you create the perfect mood.Easy to installTo install, all you have to do is replace your existing E27 lightbulb with the Active Light Bulb, and pair the bulb with your Hive Hub. Using your Hive Hub and the Hive app, you can link the smart bulb to a motion or door sensor for a complete smart home feel.

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